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MVB 9810

 My solo concert at Treibhaus was the most moving experience in my career so far. It was such an honor to play in this great location where famous artists like Carla Bley, Esbjörn Svensson, Tigran, Yaron Herman and Brad Mehldau himself performed before me!

Lofty Mountains, Remembrance and Homelands are so to say my concerts’ “classics”, insofar as they have been the cornerstone of most of my past performances. The pieces (which are improvised in some parts, especially the middle section of Remembrance), have continuously evolved over the years, and the present record documents, as a work in progress, their current status of musical development.

Valse de Mai (initially an improvisation that I had recorded in May 2011), was written for my wife Valérie, for the 30th anniversary of our first encounter, someday in May...

The Journey is conceived as an open piece; after the introductory rhythmical section, it is freely improvised. Its subtitle “Remember Rio” refers to Keith Jarrett’s sublime Rio Part XV, from which the final part of the piece is inspired.

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1- Lofty Mountains  17:20


2- February  3:12


3- Remembrance  11:31


4- Homelands  11: 38


5- Valse de Mai (for Valérie)  7:40


6- Crystal Rain  7:08


7- The Journey (Remember Rio)  9:34


8- Summertime  3:56


9- Over The Rainbow  4:48



Michael Borek, piano

All compositions by Michael Borek, except 8 & 9


Recorded live January 14, 2013 at Treibhaus, Innsbruck

Engineer: Tom Neumayr

Remixed at MVB Records


©  2013 Michael Borek  AUSTRO MECHANA
è 2013 MVB Records


MVB 9809

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1- But Beautiful   5:19


2- Remember  4:19


3- I'm Through With Love  6:38


4- My Story  3:25


5- Valse de Mai  4:44


6- Meditation (December 19th)  5:02


7- Improvisation in D  3:32



Michael Borek, piano

All compositions by Michael Borek, except 1 & 3


Recorded 2011 & 2012 and remixed May 2013 at MVB Records


©  2013 Michael Borek  AUSTRO MECHANA
è 2013 MVB Records




MVB 9807

" In this new piano solo of Michael Borek one finds again the same qualities as in „Beyond The Ocean“, the touch of a romantic pianist, clear and soft accents, a phrasing that flows like a pure source, lyricism, reserve, everything one needs to let these “Meditations” reach the heart…
Is it jazz? Why not? We are between Chopin and Keith Jarrett, and it is anyway great piano and beautiful music. A moment of beauty and serenity." Serge Baudot, Jazz Hot (F)

"The quiet, sublime beauty of Michael Borek's Meditations is in its ability to reflect ripples in a pond. There is a fragile quality to Borek's piano playing, one that conjures soothing, dreamlike melodies... Meditations exists in a special place between piano jazz and classical music, needling together the warmth of the former with the timeless majesty of the latter." JazzCorner

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1- Meditation I   4:02


2- Meditation II   4:42


3- Meditation III   2:17


4- Meditation IV   4:35


5- Meditation V   3:11


6- Meditation VI    2:42


7- Meditation VII   1:49


8- Meditation VIII   5:27


9- Tristesse     4:52


10- Rain Song  3:26


11- Waltz    3:38



Michael Borek, piano

All improvisations by Michael Borek


Recorded 2001-2009 at MVB Records


©  2009 Michael Borek  AUSTRO MECHANA
è 2009 MVB Records


MVB 9806








1- Remembrance   10:11


2- I'm Through With Love   3:29


3- Lofty Mountains, Part II   10:46


4- You Must Believe In Spring   3:56


5- February   3:13


6- Snow Over The Ocean   4:05





Michael Borek, piano

All compositions by Michael Borek, except 2 and 4

Snow Over The Ocean is an entirely improvised Encore

Recorded live January 28, 2003 at ORF Studio, Innsbruck



©  è 2003 ORF Radio Tirol


MVB 9805








1- Crystal Rain  8:36


2- Lofty Mountains, Part I  21:48


3- Lofty Mountains, Part II  12:22


4- Blame It On My Youth/A Song For You  5:41


5- Homelands  15:00


6- Remember The Ocean  2:57






Michael Borek, piano

All compositions by Michael Borek, except Blame It On My Youth (Heyman/Levant)

Remember The Ocean is an entirely improvised Encore


Recorded live February 22, 2002 at Komma Wörgl

Engineer: Hanno Ströher

Remixed at Tonstudio Ströher, Innsbruck


©  2002 Michael Borek  AUSTRO MECHANA
è 2002 MVB Records


MVB 9804

"In our search for the ultimate expressiveness in music,
we leave behind the silent shores of our homeland
and find ourselves flying over the rainbow,
trying to reach the impossible,
somewhere beyond the ocean..."


Beyond The Ocean
Several pieces of the present record are entirely improvised music which "came out" on certain days, mostly at night, in moments of immediate inspiration. Recorded without further cuts, these acts of "instant composing" have been kept in all their original spontaneity, as lasting testimonies to the fleeting glimpses of grace that we may experience through the magic of improvisation.

Spontaneous expression of music is indeed one of our most precious gift, as it speaks from the depth of our inner personality - from our heart.

Michael Borek

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1- When You Were So Far Away  5:41


2- I Remember Keith  4:23


3- My Story  6:11


4- I'm Through With Love  3:45


5- Dancing  2:37


6- Recitative  3:18


7- You Must Believe In Spring  4:24


8- Valley Of Silence  8:25


9- Cantilena  3:20


10- Over The Rainbow  6:59


11- Homeland  5:32


12- The Seashore  6:44


13- Beyond The Ocean  6:25



Michael Borek, piano

All compositions by Michael Borek, except 4, 7 and 10


Recorded 1999-2000 at MVB Records


©  2000 Michael Borek  AUSTRO MECHANA
è 2000 MVB Records


MVB 9802


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1- Reflets   3:00


2- Interlude I   1:37


3- Etretat  4:30


4- Memorial Waltz  4:04


5- Interlude II  1:37


6- Le vieux port I  1:52


7- Carillons  5:06


8- Interlude III  1:18


9- Le vieux port II  1:14


10- Etoiles sur la falaise  6:13


11- Epilogue  2:23



Michael Borek, Clavinova CLP 670

All compositions by Michael Borek


Recorded 1991-1994

Digital remastering 1998 at Tonstudio Ströher, Innsbruck



©  1998 Michael Borek AUSTRO MECHANA 
è 1998 MVB Records